October 4, 2019


Platform updates

Major Functionality Update: Usability Research

We are very happy to announce a major new update to our FaceReader Online platform. Now, next to measuring facial expressions while participants are watching a video, you can also measure emotions while people are answering questions or visiting a website.

This option is perfect for doing so called usability or user experience (UX) research. People spend several hours a day online. Websites are one of the main channels for information communication. So you want to know what type of responses they elicit. If people are taking a long time to find the right button, what is the exact point that makes them frown? Does your thoughtfully chosen opening images amuse or surprise people? Find out now!

There are also several ways in which measuring facial expressions while people answer a question can give interesting insights. For example, a useful application is food research: you can send people something to taste and ask them to eat it while answering. FaceReader Online will enable you to analyze the immediate response that the food elicits, such as in this study.

You can create an experiment within FaceReader Online that includes videos/websites/questions, or a combination of those. Read the Quick Start (available after logging in) before starting your new project for a step-by-step manual on how to do an experiment.

Important if you want to keep using FaceReader Online for videos just as your were used to:

  • The link of the participant recorder will now be different, so if you are reusing your code from a new study make sure to change the participant link.
  • The new recorder has some new instructions, so if you are using a language other than English, please contact so we can supply you with the additional sentences to translate.
  • Instead of Groups, you can now use Filters to create your comparisons.

If you need advice on how to use the new functionalities, do not hesitate to contact us. Stay tuned, we have several events/materials on the calendar to help you out:

  • A webinar that will explain the new dashboard
  • A new tutorial video.
  • A new blog on how to use basic emotions for UX research
  • Case studies to further inspire new research

We hope these new features will give you amazing new UX insights!

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