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FaceReader Online’s facial coding platform is for market research firms who want to effectively help their clients’ capture the emotional effectiveness of their ad campaigns using the world’s first and most accurate platform.

With your FaceReader Online engagement, you get access to our cloud-based platform and technology to run your campaigns. Using a flexible, credit-based model, you can get started with a DIY model, a Full Service, or a Hybrid.

Yes! While our technology is state-of-the-art, we’re here to simplify your ability to integrate it into your processes.. From onboarding to customized support and done-for-you campaigns, our team is here to ensure you’re seeing results with the least time and effort.

We can get your firm up and running, complete our onboarding within a week or two, and complete your first campaign typically within three weeks. We’re here to assist you as much (or as little) as needed to leverage our Facial Coding technology to complement any surveys you’re currently running.

You can add Facial Coding as an option for higher-tiered services that include current clients or upsell them into new packages that bring in more revenue in less time like several of our clients.

Depends on the plan you choose, but our flexible pricing has been built for your goals, budget, etc. Because everything is cloud-based, there are no hard costs that come from traditional emotion-based testing, such as ECG equipment, physical labs and in-person research.

Definitely. We understand there can be hesitation with the term ‘Facial Coding’, but it’s trusted by major organizations at scale. As an EU-based company, we place enormous value on ensuring all data is safe. We’re a front-runner in ethical AI software development and privacy by design who aims to be a leader for what Responsible AI looks like.

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