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Maximize your advertising impact with FaceReader Online, the ultimate tool for refining your campaigns through advanced affective computing. By analyzing consumer reactions, from gaze patterns to emotional responses, this platform delivers actionable insights, enabling you to tailor your ads for maximum resonance and effectiveness. Streamline your strategy and captivate your audience, ensuring your message not only reaches but truly engages, with FaceReader Online.
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Are you getting the right attention?

Focus & Attention

Analyse eye movements using our webcam-based EyeReader

Where, when, how long? Tap into the neuroscientific capabilities of EyeReader to pinpoint the focal points of participants’ affective responses to your stimuli. Discover what captures attention, without requiring specialized hardware.
Gaze heatmap and areas

Test emotional response(s) of campaigns with high accuracy

Use advanced analytics to evaluate emotional impact with up to 98% accuracy. Measure attention levels, expressiveness, attitude, impressions, and individual predispositions to ensure a comprehensive understanding of consumer response. Optimize your content to resonate deeply and effectively with your target audience.
Engage your audience

Receive instant first impressions for any media

Engage your audience with communications that have been rigorously evaluated for recall, retention, and persuasive effectiveness. Ensure your message secures both impactful first impressions and memorable concluding interactions, crafting a narrative that resonates and endures in the minds of your audience.

Discover what truly captures your audience

Isolate highlights in your video content to reveal what repels or engages your target audience.
Increase conversion

Predict advertising effectiveness with pinpoint accuracy

Identify parts of the ad to be left out (or edited). Evaluate your messaging and creatives to learn what works and what doesn’t. Accurately predict if an ad captures attention. Use emotion-based insights to increase effectiveness.
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A/B Testing

Establish channel segmentation through A/B testing

Run multiple versions and gather unbiased feedback from a broad global audience in a matter of hours. Rapidly compare your results through extensive A/B testing scenarios.
FaceReader Online A/B Testing
Go viral

Increase the chances of your content going viral by over 200%

Creating viral content isn’t pure luck. Facial coding offers a prediction of a video advertisement’s viral potential with twice the accuracy of traditional surveys. Leverage key datapoints that have shown increased shareability amongst viewers.

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