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FaceReader Online is a product from Human Insight Services

At Human Insight Services we believe that if we work together with machines that truly understand human behavior, we can solve society’s most challenging problems. Therefor we develop AI technologies that provide you with human insights: computer vision solutions with human-level perception qualities that support innovative research.

Human Insight Services

Human Insight Services is an initiative of VicarVision and Noldus Information Technology.

In addition to the website you are now visiting, Human Insight Services B.V. also offers custom and white label cloud-based facial expression analysis services. You can fully integrate our cutting edge analysis technology in your processes, or completely re-brand our services and become a value-added reseller.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions, or if you wish to discuss a business opportunity.

Responsible AI

GDPR compliant, governed by responsible values

Our solutions are defined with the principle of privacy by design and along with stringent policies and oversight we meet and exceed the requirements of the GDPR. However, we view compliance not as an endpoint but as a foundation upon which we build. Our work is directed by a set of deeply held responsible values, extending our commitment to privacy, security, and ethical considerations beyond the regulatory baseline.
We are always in close contact with the users of our products by means of structured surveys or interviews to assess their wishes. We also contribute to societal relevant projects, which helps participants become aware of the kind of data technology can gather from them.


We design technology that works for people, not against them
People with a darker skin color are underrepresented in many datasets, which often leads to lower classification performance. We try to mitigate this by balancing the composition of our training data and continuously testing our software against benchmark datasets (e.g. Gender Shades). This way we strive to have the same high level of accuracy for different groups of people.


Our algorithms are fair with minimal bias​
We incorporate a Privacy by Design approach in our products and we always respect participants' privacy in the datasets we use. For example, in FaceReader Online, our clients sign a processing agreement and participants are required to give informed consent before participating. Additionally, we have the option not to store video recordings, but only anonymous metadata.

Privacy friendly

Privacy protection is embedded in the design of our technology​
Our algorithms are not a black box and we have tools and documentation in place to explain our results to our users. As an R&D company, we frequently publish about our new technology, providing transparency into the functioning of our algorithms.


Our algorithms and motives are overtly explainable​
We have security protocols in place to make sure our stakeholders' data is safe with us. For example, all communications with our database servers happen through an encrypted connection.


We safeguard all data entrusted with us​
Our technology does well in quality assessment tests (e.g. Stockli et al, 2017). We spend a lot of effort in updating our algorithms and label new developments that are not completely validated yet as experimental.


We design technology according to up-to-date standards​

The faces of FaceReader

Meet the young and ambitious team of researchers and engineers that enable the human-level perception qualities of FaceReader Online.
Tim den Uyl
Chief Executive Officer

I am dedicated to transforming our team’s innovations into intuitive, human-centric tools that provide deep insights into human behavior. I foster an open culture that encourages individual creativity and collaborative innovation. Working with our smart and diverse team to ensure customer success is a daily source of pride and motivation.

Paul Ivan
Chief Technology Officer

I am dedicated to delivering cutting-edge technology to measure human behavior. As a developer and designer, I take pride in developing top-notch research tools that are not only user-friendly but also aesthetically pleasing. Working with our team of highly educated and kind professionals adds to the joy of my daily work.

Tess den Uyl, PhD
Chief Scientific Officer

As a cognitive neuroscientist, I am passionate about uncovering the underlying mechanisms that influence human behavior. I have delved into the complexities of the human mind, specializing in implicit processes, motivation, and emotion. I love conducting research and love helping researchers use innovative tools to address academic and commercial inquiries effectively.

Lysbeth Leon
Sales & Marketing Specialist

I work closely with clients to integrate our service into their projects, providing them with reliable data to measure consumer reactions to products, ads, and more. My focus is on building strong client relationships, ensuring they benefit from precise insights that improve their understanding of market dynamics.

Amogh Gudi, PhD
Lead ML Engineer

I’m an experienced machine learning & computer vision researcher, with an interest in applying expertise in AI towards human understanding. I’ve had parallel careers in industry and academia, and I hope to bring my skills and knowledge towards building human-centric technologies for an AI future. Otherwise, I’m also a keen spaceflight enthusiast, a steadily improving chess player (1300+ ELO), and an amateur boulderer (6A+).

Marian Bittner, PhD
ML Engineer

In my view, digital cameras are sensors with enormous untapped potential to develop human-centric technologies.
Combining my expertise in Computer Vision, AI, and Biomedical signal processing in parrallel carreers in academia and industry I hope to find new and creative ways to help make cameras the multi-purpose tool for human understanding that I consider them to be. I am not a good chess player, but would be happy to play you if you can’t beat Amogh.

George Solakidis
Software & Web Mining Engineer

Deeply in love with new technologies and problem solving activities, whether in the form of games or innovative software guided by business and end user requirements. I spend my time building new features, metrics or integrating new technologies and do so enthusiastically among a team of professionals and interns from all around the world.

Nicolai van Rosmalen
Software Engineer & Designer

With a keen interest in people and advanced technology the developments for FaceReader Online allow me to explore and implement exciting new functionalities. It really suits me to engage with technology that centers around human needs while continually enhancing my understanding of the remarkable potential modern tech can offer.

AI Assistant

My primary focus is to provide anyone with accurate and helpful information about how to use FaceReader Online for their needs. This includes guiding them on how to set up projects, invite participants, view and interpret results, and utilize the platform’s powerful gaze tracking and affective computing capabilities.


The following people offer their expertise and guidance to help our company
Prof. Lucas Noldus
Scientific Advisor

I am fascinated by new technologies to measure brain, body, and behavior. As an entrepreneur, researcher, and teacher in computer technology for behavioral research, I take pride in building high-quality research tools that allow our customers to advance science, thus contributing to sustainable development and quality of life. Developing and marketing innovative software products and integrated solutions based on solid scientific research has always been my focus. Collaborating with a global team of professionals is a daily source of joy!

Peter Lewinski, PhD
Scientific Advisor

Expert in facial expression coding technology, I bring 12 years of experience as a management team member of several artificial intelligence firms. My role as a scientific advisor allows me to stay in touch with the latest cutting edge developments in the emotion AI field. This helps to translate science to real world applications.

Hans van Kuilenburg
Technical Advisor

Expert in computer vision applications and AI, I bring over 15 years of entrepreneurial experience as the (co)founder of several trendsetting companies. My role as a technical advisor allows me to tackle true innovation and embrace challenges that drive technological advancements. This perfectly aligns with my expertise and enthusiasm for pioneering solutions that push the boundaries of what’s possible in modern tech.

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