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Do you want to know more about the usefulness of this facial coding platform? These cases give you an idea of what you can do with FaceReader Online. It also shows how reliable the software is. And if you integrate the service with a survey tool you can collect additional data. Do you want to see what the FaceReader Online dashboard looks like? This is also possible! You can play around with some real data in the sample project.

Michal Štěpánek

Executive Director at Ipsos

Fast results for a great price

The outstanding advantages of FaceReader Online are the fast availability of results, technical implementation support, affordable price and great communication. More important today, Ipsos needs to be a game changer, not just a data supplier to its clients.

Case Studies

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April 23, 2024
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March 8, 2024
Alpaka Logo
February 15, 2024
Patryk Wawrzynski

Patryk Wawrzyński

CEO at Alpaka Innovations

My perspective changed completely

Working with FaceReader Online completely changed my perspective. I can now handle more clients in a shorter amount of time and it changed my life and business!

Trusted by the world's best companies

As the world’s first Facial Coding platform, which has been developed for over 20 years, we are trusted by some of the world’s prestigious brands and organizations. 

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