User experience

Improve design decisions with fundamental insights

Evaluate your user’s experience by analyzing their gaze patterns and facial expressions in real-time. Our cloud-based platform allows for easy access and scalability, making it suitable for both small-scale studies and large-scale usability testing. Robust algorithms ensure accurate and reliable data collection, saving you precious time and resources while gaining the ability to create user-centric designs that resonate with your target audience.
Experience optimization

Drive satisfaction and retention by fulfilling your customers needs

Figure out what parts of your product or website aren’t quite hitting the mark with your audience. Task and question your users while measuring their mood, attention and gaze direction to find the things that are holding them back from getting the most out of your solution.
Experience optimization
Usability testing

Present key metrics based on a comprehensive statistical analysis

Assemble a large and diverse group of participants to tackle a specific task. Carefully monitor essential metrics such as completion time, and compile concise yet comprehensive reports to effectively communicate the findings to your team, clients, or stakeholders.
Usability testing
A/B Testing

Test multiple versions on a global audience without limitations

Run multiple versions and gather unbiased feedback from a broad global audience in a matter of hours. Rapidly compare your results through extensive A/B testing scenarios.
FaceReader Online A/B Testing

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