Privacy Policy

This privacy policy describes the data that Human Insight Services collects and what we do to ascertain that we follow EU legislation.
We differentiate between clients that use our service and participants that enrol in the projects that our clients carry out. From our clients we collect company, contact, and demographic information. We use this information for managing our service. Your information will not be passed on to third parties. If you wish to be taken out of our system, just send us an email.

From the participants we collect video recordings (personal data) of which we extract: metadata from the expressions (e.g. emotion scores, gender and age estimations). This metadata cannot be used to identify a person. Before data is collected, we gather permission from the participant to collect this data. We do not gather personal data from the participants other than the video data. The videos of the participants are used to analyse anonymous facial behaviour and are never shared with third parties other than the client. The client is the data controller, who instructs Human Insight Services, the Processor, to process Personal Data on his behalf. We have a default processor agreement that we use to specify the conditions.
By default our personal data is stored and processed on Microsoft Azure Servers located exclusively in the EEA (European Economic Area). The videos of the participants are stored on our system, because they need to be analyzed and can be re-analyzed at a later point with different settings. The original recordings are only stored on our servers for the duration of the project. They are deleted when the client sets a project to closed or when the client manually removes a recording or a project. We also offer a privacy by design option where recordings are deleted immediately after analysis.
All communication with FaceReader-Online, including the transfer of video recordings, takes place through a secure TLS/SSL (HTTPS) connection. On our servers, all data is stored using AES256 encryption in Microsoft Azure’s “blob storage”. More info on Microsoft’s security policy can be found here.

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