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Overview of scientific publication from us or with FR. Maybe blog style or it should be a title, what is it about and how much it got cited or something or other nice stats about the paper in a table style.
16 citations
Object Extent Pooling for Weakly Supervised Single-Shot Localization
A. Gudi, N. van Rosmalen, M. Loog, J. van Gemert
36 citations
Efficient Real-Time Camera Based Estimation of Heart Rate and Its Variability
A. Gudi, M. Bittner, R. Lochmans and J. van Gemert
26 citations
Efficiency in real-time webcam gaze tracking
A. Gudi, X Li and J. van Gemert
45 citations
Real-Time Webcam Heart-Rate and Variability Estimation with Clean Ground Truth for Evaluation
A. Gudi, M. Bittner and J. van Gemert
14 citations
Complex website tasks increase the expression anger measured with FaceReader online
L. Talen and T.E. den Uyl
335 citations
The FaceReader: Online facial expression recognition
M.J. den Uyl and H. Van Kuilenburg

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