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FaceReader Online combines Responsible AI with Consumer Neuroscience enabling professionals in advertising, market research and UX design to boost the effectiveness of their content and strategies based on insights drawn from human behavioral patterns.

Developed for over two decades, our technology pioneered its domain and remains a front runner for human behavior analysis.
Years of development
Originating from the Netherlands, our user base has expanded globally, now spanning every continent and including users from 96 different countries.
Countries worldwide
Our technology is distinguished by over 1,200 scientific publications, establishing it as the most frequently cited in its field.
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Scientific publications
Our clientele has leveraged our technology to meticulously analyze an impressive volume exceeding 98 billion frames of facial data.
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Frames analyzed
With a 98% accuracy rate, our solution stands out as one of the leading technologies in its field, demonstrating our commitment to providing effective and reliable solutions.
Percent accuracy
Use cases

AI potential in 3 different domains

Maximize impact, conversion and efficiency. Uncover intricate opinions and emotions. FaceReader Online offers in-depth behavioral insights for academics and professionals eager to leverage AI in advertising, market research and user experience.

Discover the FaceReader ecosystem

In the early 2000’s FaceReader 1.0 pioneered the field and set the standard for automatic facial expression analysis. Today, the FaceReader ecosystem, including a desktop version, online platform, and SDK, meets widely varied needs with the latest in Consumer Neuroscience and Responsible AI.
 string sdkKey = "<your-sdk-key>"; string appId = "<your-app-id>";
 // create an instance of the FaceReaderSDK
 FaceReaderSDK faceReaderSDK = new FaceReaderSDK(sdkKey, appId);

 // initialize
    new CustomExpression(CustomExpression.CustomExpressionType.Interest)
    new CustomExpression(CustomExpression.CustomExpressionType.Boredom)
 // load a bitmap from where ever you want
 Bitmap bitmap = new Bitmap("your image source");
 // analyze the face in the image
 FaceReaderResult result = faceReaderSDK.AnalyzeFace(bitmap);
 return result.ToJson();
  "FaceAnalyzed": true,
  "FacialExpressions": {
    "DominantBasicEmotion": "Angry",
    "BasicEmotionValues": [
      0.029624, // neutral
      0.018300, // happy
      0.008764, // sad
      0.946046, // angry
      0.039090, // surpised
      0.053214, // scared
      0.000700  // disgusted
    "Valence": -0.9460461,
    "Arousal": 0.99
  "Characteristics": {
    "Gender": "Male",
    "Age": 33,
    "Glasses": "No"
  "FaceCorners": [
      "X": 528.50977,
      "Y": 165.03615
      "X": 299.27942,
      "Y": 189.80812
      "X": 325.28998,
      "Y": 430.5
      "X": 554.5203,
      "Y": 405.72803
  "ActionUnits": {
    "ActionUnitIntensities": [
  "CustomExpressions": [
      "Name": "Interest",
      "Intensity": 0.8,
      "IsCalculated": true
      "Name": "Boredom",
      "Intensity": 0.1,
      "IsCalculated": true
  "ModelQuality": 0.6926503,
  "HeadOrientation": [

Trusted by the world's best companies

As the world’s first Facial Coding platform, which has been developed for over 20 years, we are trusted by some of the world’s prestigious brands and organizations. 

Scientific solution

#1 Most cited
and firmly embedded in science

With over 1,200 scientific publications, FaceReader Online stands as the foremost scientific solution in its field, backed by a team of PhDs and doctoral candidates committed to maintaining this leadership. Their participation in significant research projects promotes strong ties with top-tier institutions like the Delft University of Technology, positioning our work at the pinnacle of academic and innovative excellence. Moreover, its adoption by academic institutions globally highlights its essential role in research-focused environments.
Responsible AI

GDPR compliant +
governed by responsible values

Our solutions are defined with the principle of privacy by design and along with stringent policies and oversight we meet and exceed the requirements of the GDPR. However, we view compliance not as an endpoint but as a foundation upon which we build. Our work is directed by a set of deeply held responsible values, extending our commitment to privacy, security, and ethical considerations beyond the regulatory baseline.
We are always in close contact with the users of our products by means of structured surveys or interviews to assess their wishes. We also contribute to societal relevant projects, which helps participants become aware of the kind of data technology can gather from them.


We design technology that works for people, not against them
People with a darker skin color are underrepresented in many datasets, which often leads to lower classification performance. We try to mitigate this by balancing the composition of our training data and continuously testing our software against benchmark datasets (e.g. Gender Shades). This way we strive to have the same high level of accuracy for different groups of people.


Our algorithms are fair with minimal bias​
We incorporate a Privacy by Design approach in our products and we always respect participants' privacy in the datasets we use. For example, in FaceReader Online, our clients sign a processing agreement and participants are required to give informed consent before participating. Additionally, we have the option not to store video recordings, but only anonymous metadata.

Privacy friendly

Privacy protection is embedded in the design of our technology​
Our algorithms are not a black box and we have tools and documentation in place to explain our results to our users. As an R&D company, we frequently publish about our new technology, providing transparency into the functioning of our algorithms.


Our algorithms and motives are overtly explainable​
We have security protocols in place to make sure our stakeholders' data is safe with us. For example, all communications with our database servers happen through an encrypted connection.


We safeguard all data entrusted with us​
Our technology does well in quality assessment tests (e.g. Stockli et al, 2017). We spend a lot of effort in updating our algorithms and label new developments that are not completely validated yet as experimental.


We design technology according to up-to-date standards​
Case studies

Join thousands of satisfied customers

Curious about how FaceReader Online can enhance your organization’s insights? Delve into a selection of compelling case studies that showcase the transformative neuroscientific insights achieved with FaceReader Online. Discover how our tool can be the key to unlocking new dimensions of understanding in your field.

Patryk Wawrzynski

Patryk Wawrzyński

CEO at Alpaka Innovations

Working with FaceReader Online completely changed my perspective. I can now handle more clients in a shorter amount of time and it changed my life and business!

Michal Štěpánek

Executive Director at Ipsos

The outstanding advantages of FaceReader Online are the fast availability of results, technical implementation support, affordable price and great communication. More important today, Ipsos needs to be a game changer, not just a data supplier to its clients.
Monica Gonzalez

Monica Gonzalez

Researcher at Anáhuac University

When I started the FaceReader Online trial, I saw the dashboards and it was exactly what I was looking for. I was getting all the metrics I needed in my research.
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Platform updates
May 29, 2024
We are excited to announce a major update. We completely restructured and enhanced our front and backend website. Read more about our usability improvements and our new metrics in this blog post.


July 17, 2023
In today's charitable landscape, numerous organizations compete for donors and their contributions. This post dives into a recent study that we carried out, employing our web-based facial expression analysis tool, FaceReader Online, to explore which emotions can influence donation behavior.


Platform updates
April 28, 2023
We have changed our payment processing provider from PayPal to Stripe and made some internal updates to improve communication.


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