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Convert assumptions into data-driven insights

Elevate your perspective with insights from FaceReader Online, merging affective computing and gaze tracking for deeper market research. We reveal not just where consumers look, but uncover their intricate opinions and emotions, offering precise insights into preferences and behaviors. Refine your strategies with data that goes beyond the surface, ensuring a competitive edge with every insight.
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Identify target markets before investing resources

Worldwide experiments and fast iterations. Refine target market understanding without the burden of excessive initial investments. Ensure that financial and creative resources are directed towards areas of maximum potential return.
Target market selection

Uncover the intricate opinions and expressions of participants

Neuromarketing techniques offer an objective assesment of participant reactions providing a nuanced understanding to complement traditional self reported methods. Allow strategic desicions to be based on real insights.
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Scalable and fast

Retrieve unique insights that previously couldn't be tested

Collect objective responses from diverse participants worldwide in a matter of hours. Rapidly compare your results through extensive A/B testing scenarios. Present impressive reports based on limitless analysis capabilities.
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Custom exports

Captivate clients with quick exports and extensive reports

Informative visualizations with a single click. Design professional reports with an extensive selection of elegant charts and tables. Alternatively, export to CSV or FaceReader Desktop for further analysis of participant responses.
Easy integration

Extend your favorite survey tools

FaceReader Online doesn’t replace your existing surveys – it’s designed to be a perfect complement to your current processes. While giving you access to responsible AI technology that makes you a forward-looking brand.
FaceReader Online Survey Tools
					// ID of the experiment you wish to test
var experimentID = "<your experiment id>";  

// replace by call to your own javascript function to retreive a unique ID per participant
var participantID = "1234";

// Optionally you can change some characteristics of the recorder, as shown below.
// Note that these are all option and can be left blank
var options = {
    callBackUrl         : "",
    failedCallBackUrl   : "", 
    color               : "448AFF"

// Create RecordingHelper object 
var helper = new RecordingHelper(participantID, experimentID, options);
// Optionally, set a JavaScript function to call when the recording is completed  
helper.onrecordingfinished = function() { 
    // here you can add logic about what should happen when the experiment is finished      
// And when the recording failed 
helper.onrecordingfailed = function() { 
    // here you can add logic about what should happen when the experiment failed      

// you can add independent variables, using the addIndependentVariable method, for instance the gender, or any other value. 
helper.addIndependentVariable("MyVariable", "variable value");

// you can set the language used in the recorder. Current options are:   
// EN, NL, DE, FR, IT, CN, JP, RU, CS, ES, LT, HE, DK, SR, PT                

// start the experiment full screen 
Scientific solution

Use the technology from papers published in higher impact journals

FaceReader publications are often published in Q1 Impact Factor JCR journals and are on average around 27% more influential than non-FaceReader publications.
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