March 8, 2018


Platform updates

Our Updated Dashboard

We present to you a fresher look and a smoother functioning platform. Here we describe the changes we have made to the different aspects of the dashboard.


We have moved the menu from the top right to a scalable menu on the left. You can use this menu to navigate across projects, create new users for your company, and order new credits.

Invite participants

This is now structured as an easy step-by-step process. It has the option to create a quick link to start or test your video immediately. You can also send out your links to your email list from our website.

Group results

We have made it easier to compare groups, videos, or parts of the video in your project. With only a few clicks, it creates a full overview of all the relevant graphs. If there is a significant difference in your data, it is highlighted in a comparison insight. You can also create the graphs to your own liking by adding custom elements.

FaceReader Online recorder

In order to be compliant with privacy legislation, when people start the recording they will receive a short message asking for their approval to collect their data (available in different languages). Read more about our privacy statements here.

We have transferred the recorder from Flash to HTML5. Therefore, it is now possible to run FaceReader Online on an Android mobile device. However, it is not yet optimal, so we advise letting participants use a laptop or PC.

Are you having some problems, please inform us! Would you like some help, let us know!

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