April 28, 2023


Platform updates

Internal Payment update – More Options and Information

We have changed our payment processing provider from PayPal to Stripe and made some internal updates to improve communication.

Easy purchases

Next to pay-per-use minutes, it is now possible to purchase and renew bundles directly in the platform. There is also more flexibility in the number of minutes that can be purchased. Stripe offers a wide arrange of payment options (such as credit card or bank transfer). After your purchase, you can download the invoice directly from the platform. In addition, you can see exactly when your minutes or bundle will expire.

Where to find it

To view and purchase analysis minutes, login to your account as an administrator and on the left go to Manage Organization. There you can find an overview of all your previously bought minutes and bundles and easily renew your bundle. You will also receive an email if the expiration date is getting closer. In addition, you can see the relevant platform agreements that apply.

example from dashboard

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