Example Projects

What type of data does FaceReader Online produce

Using the FaceReader Online platform, you can easily compare the results of different advertisements or the response of different participant groups while watching those advertisements. Below you can find some example project we have set up to illustrate what you can do with the platform.

The importance of finding the right target audience

In this project we showed two very different car commercials to a small sample of people. One is a commercial for Kia that features comedy actress Melissa McCarthy while she goes on wild and rather uncomfortable adventures to save the planet. The other is a more traditional car commercial from Alpha Romeo that shows a car driving in a beautiful landscape.

When we look at the FaceReader results we can clearly see a difference in how men and women perceive these commercials. We see that both men and women showed similar happy expressions towards the funny commercial, however, there is a difference in the Alpha Romeo car commercial. Men still show similar expressions, but women clearly show lower happy expressions. Thus if you want to target both a female and male demographic it is better to create a funny commercial with a strong female protagonist. Want to find out more? Have a look at our sample project, where you can interact with these results yourself!

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Axe commercial

In this Axe commercial, we expected that there would be a clear flip towards positive emotions in a key episode when the women meets the man in the tank. How violent is this video or can the positive ending make up for the violence? Luckily it clearly does, there is a difference in happiness and valence when you compare the first negative and second positive episode. You can also see a difference between men and women, where women express even stronger happiness. Have a look at the data to see for yourself!

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