Axe Commercial

In this Axe commercial, we expected that there would be a clear flip towards positive emotions in a key episode when the women meets the man in the tank. How violent is this video or can the positive ending make up for the violence? Luckily it clearly does, there is a difference in happiness and valence when you compare the first negative and second positive episode. You can also see a difference between men and women, where women express even stronger happiness. Have a look at the data to see for yourself!

Want to see for yourself how the parts in the commercial differ? Here is a Step-by-step instruction:

  • 1Below, on the left under Quick Comparison, select 'compare episodes'.
  • 2Select Positive Episode and Negative Episode and click Go.
  • 3Watch the results appear!

You can see the difference between the positive and negative episode of the video clearly highlighted in the comparison insight. You can interact with the results yourself to try out more comparisons or visualise more results.

Even more

Providing you ask your participant's permission, you get access to the individual video recordings of all participants. Allowing you to review and filter your test panel if necessary.

For those who want to get even deeper into the data; all results can be exported to your 'offline' FaceReader environment. This allows you to review all participant recordings and gives you access to a large number of analyses tools and visualization options.