The importance of finding the right target audience

In this project we showed two very different car commercials to a small sample of people. One is a commercial for Kia that features comedy actress Melissa McCarthy while she goes on wild and rather uncomfortable adventures to save the planet. The other is a more traditional car commercial from Alpha Romeo that shows a car driving in a beautiful landscape.

When we look at the FaceReader results we can clearly see a difference in how men and women perceive these commercials. We see that both men and women showed similar happy expressions towards the funny commercial, however, there is a difference in the Alpha Romeo car commercial. Men still show similar expressions, but women clearly show lower happy expressions. Thus if you want to target both a female and male demographic it is better to create a funny commercial with a strong female protagonist. Want to find out more?

Want to see for yourself how men and women differ? Here is a Step-by-step instruction:

  • 1On the left under Quick Comparison, select 'compare'.
  • 2Select Add Data Selection to create comparisons based on different filters.
  • 3Select the Alpha Romeo Task and select 'Edit filter', go to Gender and select Males, select update, and OK, these are the Males that watched Alpha Romeo.
  • 4Select the Alpha Romeo Task and select 'Edit filter', go to Gender and select Females, select update, and OK, these are the Females that watched Alpha Romeo.
  • 5Now select 'detect insights', select Happy (or more emotions), OK, and watch the results appear!.

You can see the difference between males and females clearly highlighted in the comparison insight. You can interact with the results yourself to try out more comparisons or visualise more results. In your own project you can save the filters and layout to easily continue your work or show your clients.

Even more

Providing you ask your participant's permission, you get access to the individual video recordings of all participants. Allowing you to review and filter your test panel if necessary.

For those who want to get even deeper into the data; all results can be exported to your 'offline' FaceReader environment. This allows you to review all participant recordings and gives you access to a large number of analyses tools and visualization options.