Case Study

The importance of finding the right target audience

In this project we showed two very different car commercials to a small sample of people. One is a commercial for Kia that features comedy actress Melissa McCarthy while she goes on wild and rather uncomfortable adventures to save the planet. The other is a more traditional car commercial from Alpha Romeo that shows a car driving in a beautiful landscape.

When we look at the FaceReader results we can clearly see a difference in how men and women perceive these commercials. We see that both men and women showed similar happy expressions towards the funny commercial, however, there is a difference in the Alpha Romeo car commercial. Men still show similar expressions, but women clearly show lower happy expressions. Thus if you want to target both a female and male demographic it is better to create a funny commercial with a strong female protagonist. Want to find out more? Have a look at our sample project, where you can interact with these results yourself!

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