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March 8, 2024


Ipsos predicts and boosts ad campaign success with FaceReader Online

Implementing FaceReader Online has enabled Ipsos to predict ad campaign success and optimize brand presentation in ads by analyzing engagement and emotional intensity, proving essential for both retaining existing customers and attracting new ones.


Founded in 1975, Ipsos has become a global leader in market research, operating in 90 countries and serving over 5,000 clients annually. The Czech Republic branch, evolving from the local company Tambor, has grown to be the largest market research agency in the country by turnover, thanks to its emphasis on combining global expertise with local market understanding.


Initially, Ipsos faced challenges in efficiently measuring and analyzing the emotional impact of advertising content. The traditional methods used were not only time-consuming but also lacked the ability to provide rapid, actionable insights that could keep pace with the fast-moving advertising and marketing sectors.


Ipsos Czech Republic implemented FaceReader Online to enhance their brand and communication research capabilities by incorporating consumer neuroscience techniques. This allowed them to perform facial expression analysis and understand basic human emotions in response to advertising content, providing a scientific basis for their pre-test solutions. This integration was particularly important in the creative development stages, helping manage brand growth and optimize advertising effectiveness.

Michal Štěpánek

Executive Director

The measured emotions help to better conceive how particular parts of the ad work and to optimize them to present the brand and its image the intended way.


Since adopting FaceReader Online, Ipsos Czech Republic has conducted over 100 advertising assessments across various sectors. The tool has facilitated the creation of a comprehensive database, serving as a benchmark for emotional responses that predict ad campaign success based on engagement and emotional intensity. This database has proven particularly valuable, illustrating that successful and highly engaging ads typically display increased happiness towards the end when the brand is revealed. These insights are crucial for internal learning and for developing normative frameworks to refine future advertising strategies.

The recent enhancements to FaceReader Online, including website testing and added questionnaire features, have opened new research opportunities for Ipsos. This expansion allows not only for improved advertising testing but also supports broader applications such as customer experience evaluation through voice-tonality tests and consumer journey mapping, particularly within the banking sector as part of qualitative research studies.

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Implementing FaceReader Online has significantly empowered Ipsos to deliver deeper insights into consumer emotions and engagement, facilitating the creation of more impactful advertising. By combining advanced technology with their robust data analysis capabilities, Ipsos continues to lead its clients towards more informed and confident decision-making in advertising. This case study exemplifies how technological integration can revolutionize market research methodologies and outcomes.

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