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April 23, 2024


How Bloakes crafted an Award-nominated commercial with FaceReader Online

The insights gained by incorporating FaceReader Online into their existing process allowed Bloakes to significantly improve their clients’ content, eventually leading to a prestigious Loeki award nominated commercial.


Bloakes, a neuromarketing and market research firm, specializes in assessing implicit emotional reactions in advertising. With a team of experts, Bloakes strives to democratize advanced market research, making it accessible not only to large corporations but also to smaller organizations and charities.


Prior to integrating FaceReader Online, Bloakes primarily relied on traditional methods like implicit reaction time tests and eye-tracking in offline settings. These methods, while effective, limited the speed and scale of data collection and lacked the nuance needed to measure emotional responses in real-time.


FaceReader Online was adopted to enhance Bloakes’ research methodology. This tool enabled the team to capture second-by-second emotional responses to visual content, particularly TV commercials. Its intuitive interface and real-time feedback allowed Bloakes to integrate emotional data analysis seamlessly into their existing processes, complementing and enriching their research outputs.

Guus van Loon

Head of R&D

FaceReader Online has broadened our insights range in business. We can now base our advice on multiple levels of insights, making it stronger and more comprehensive. It’s also facilitated our ability to assist clients throughout the entire creation process of a commercial, offering more precise optimization advice.


Implementing FaceReader Online transformed Bloakes’ research outcomes. The tool’s granular data analysis capabilities allowed them to provide targeted, actionable insights that significantly improved content strategies for their clients.

Moreover, the ability to visually demonstrate emotional impact during pitches has made it easier to illustrate value to potential clients, enhancing business development efforts.

One notable success was a project for a Dutch charity focused on preventing brain diseases, where the commercial, optimized using insights from FaceReader Online, was nominated for a prestigious Loeki award. Based on the actionable insights, Bloakes advised the charity to better apply the “peak-end rule” and to more prominently feature their brand from the beginning of the commercial to strengthen its presence and message.


FaceReader Online has not only broadened the scope of insights Bloakes can derive, but also enhanced the overall efficiency and effectiveness of their research projects. The case of Bloakes exemplifies how advanced facial coding tools like FaceReader Online can revolutionize market research by adding depth and precision to emotional analytics.
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