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February 15, 2024


How Alpaka Innovations Doubled Its Revenue with FaceReader Online

Integrating FaceReader Online boosted efficiency, scalability, and accuracy, enabling Patryk Wawrzyński to transition from academic to commercial research and expand his business.

Alpaka Innovations

Alpaka Innovations is an innovative startup from Poland specialized in human behavior analysis and emotional communication. Founded by Patryk Wawrzyński, the company transitioned from university research to the commercial market with the mission to help people communicate more effectively and efficiently.


Initially, Alpaka Innovations relied heavily on time- and labor-intensive manual coding techniques such as the facial action coding system and non-verbal signaling, limiting their ability to quickly deliver results. Transitioning from academic research to the fast-paced commercial market, Alpaka faced challenges in meeting the time-sensitive demands of their clients, which impeded their growth and flexibility in the market.


The integration of FaceReader Online into their workflow transformed Alpaka Innovations’ approach by automating the analysis of facial expressions and emotional responses. This transition allowed the company to shift from academic-oriented, long-term research projects to more dynamic, commercial applications. The tool’s capacity to deliver behavioral analysis reports within days significantly enhanced their operational flexibility and efficiency.

Patryk Wawrzynski

Patryk Wawrzyński


FaceReader Online completely changed my perspective. I can now handle more clients in a shorter amount of time, delivering results within days instead of weeks. It allows me to focus on what I’m good at – analyzing results and giving recommendations.


The implementation of FaceReader Online has substantially improved the accuracy and consistency of emotional response measurements at Alpaka Innovations. By providing a stable baseline for evaluating facial expressions across different participants, the tool has enhanced the precision and comparability of the data collected.

Additionally, FaceReader Online contributed to a more efficient workflow, allowing Alpaka’s team to perform detailed analyses of extensive projects, such as political speech evaluations, in a drastically shorter amount of time.This efficiency improved Alpaka’s capacity to handle multiple projects and serve a wider range of clients, ultimately leading to a doubling of their revenue.


FaceReader Online has proven to be a valuable asset for Alpaka Innovations, supporting the company’s growth and enhancing its service offering in the market research industry. The case of Alpaka demonstrates the potential benefits of integrating FaceReader Online into research workflows.

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