April 3, 2020


Platform updates

Important Update – New Pricing Model

To help research labs advance their online research capabilities, we have updated our pricing model. We now introduce yearly bundles that allow you to run many projects all year round with a remote lab.

Favorable yearly bundle model

The normal remote lab bundle is aimed at running 1 or 2 projects per month (e.g. 100 participants, 4 minutes analysis), and allows for using a total of 6000 credits per year (€4.000). Compared to the previous pricing this means saving over 50% in costs. In case your company or research facility does not want to worry about credits at all, you can also consider a remote lab bundle with unlimited credits (€10.000). Read more about the specifications that apply on the pricing page.

Simple pay-per-credit Model

Do you still want to use the pay-per-credit pricing model? No, worries, that is still possible. In order to simplify everything, we have removed the pricing steps and introduced a singular price of 2 euro per credit for all single purchases. This means a 20% reduction in price for small projects. This is a simple model to get acquainted with the additive value of facial expression analysis for your research. We also notice that for the larger projects it means a 11% increase in price, but this is why you might want to consider going to a yearly bundle for huge discounts.

If you have any questions regarding the new pricing model, don’t hesitate to contact us at info@humaninsightservices.com

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