December 14, 2022



FaceReader Online Success Stories – How our clients use facial coding

FaceReader Online is used by researchers, market and marketing agencies around the world. We’ve been talking to a few of them to see how FaceReader Online creates value in their projects. In this blog we share some experiences of our clients with our platform. Perhaps it will inspire you in your own research.

Pre-test and fine-tune ads

Michal Štěpánek is Executive Director of Brand Health Tracking & Creative Excellence at Ipsos. Ipsos Czech Republic is an expert in the field of brand and communication research. They have tested more than 100 advertisements from various sectors. The extensive database has also become the basis for internal learning. Some relevant questions they answer with FaceReader Online analyses:

  • What is the audience first reaction to the visual and voice elements of the ad?
  • Is the ad able to “catch the eye” of the audience in the media environment?
  • Do creative elements work as they were intended to?
  • Are there any parts of the ad, that should be left out?

The added value lies mainly in the ability to determine the average, minimum and maximum value of individual emotions and derived variables to predict the potential success of the communication. Based on the database, it has been proven that the ads with high ability to engage are those with higher intensity of emotional happiness culminating at the end when the brand is revealed.

Handle more clients in a shorter amount of time

Patryk Wawrzyński is CEO and senior researcher at Alpaka Innovations, an innovative startup from Poland. After multiple years of university research, Patryk decided to take his knowledge to the commercial market. They support the social and emotional development of their clients, by teaching them how to effectively use their competences and achieve their goals while avoiding unnecessary stress. A lot of time was lost on manual coding of the behavior. With FaceReader, he can focus on what he is good at – analyzing the results and giving recommendations to his clients.

Make implicit insights available to everyone

Guus van Loon is Head of Research and Development at Bloakes. Bloakes is a Dutch Neuromarketing company that specializes in implicit research, such as reaction time tasks that assess brand associations. FaceReader Online gives them the opportunity to give a second by second emotional image of a video. This gives a deeper understanding of the participant response and helps determine what part of the video should be optimized. They always use a combination of technologies to get a general emotional scan of the video which helps estimate the brand impact. FaceReader Online is quite visual and intuitive so it is nice to show the results to clients, you don’t have to explain it as much compared to other implicit tools.

Interested in more?

Do you want to hear more about the research these companies did? Let us know so we can send you more information. Do you want to share or talk about your findings with one of our consultants? Get in touch with us now.


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