FaceReader Online

Providing actionable insights with Neuroscience and Responsible AI

FaceReader Online enables actionable insights drawn from human behavioral patterns while safeguarding fundamental human rights such as privacy and non-discrimination. Tailored for professionals in advertising, market research, and UX design, our platform grants the ability to decode consumer responses to various initiatives and creations. This paves the way for more meaningful connections and strategic decision-making.
Developed for over two decades, our technology pioneered its domain and remains a front runner for human behavior analysis.
Years of development
Originating from the Netherlands, our user base has expanded globally, now spanning every continent and including users from 96 different countries.
Countries worldwide
Our technology is distinguished by over 1,200 scientific publications, establishing it as the most frequently cited in its field.
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Scientific publications
Our clientele has leveraged our technology to meticulously analyze an impressive volume exceeding 98 billion frames of facial data.
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Frames analyzed
With a 98% accuracy rate, our solution stands out as one of the leading technologies in its field, demonstrating our commitment to providing effective and reliable solutions.
Percent accuracy
Full control

Analyze responses without limitations

The FaceReader Online platform allows users comprehensive control over their data analysis processes. We have enabled detailed examination of quality and measurements for individual responses as well as advanced analysis across the entire dataset. This level of control ensures users can tailor their analysis to meet specific research needs, unlocking deeper insights from their collected data.


You can easily filter your participants to create subgroups and for each participant you can see how attentive and how expressive they were while interacting with your tasks.

Participant data

For each participant you can see to what extend they contributed to the group results of your tasks with quick and easy to understand descriptions. 


Get state of the art accuracy on a large variety of metrics

Initially, when FaceReader pioneered the field of affective computing it recognized only the six basic emotions. Throughout the years, we have been able to train more intricate classifications and enabled accurate physiological measurements. This significantly enhanced the richness and depth of insights that can now be derived with FaceReader Online.


Easily generate professional
reports with intuitive visuals

To enhance your efficiency, our platform not only offers customizable charting options but also a refined workflow for presenting your findings. Effortlessly, you can enrich your reports with a carefully curated selection of insightful charts through a few intuitive clicks, streamlining your data presentation process and saving you time.

Gaze heatmap

A heatmap displaying which parts of the content received visual attention from the participants


The highlights in your media file, based on changes in valence and responsiveness


The first and last impression participants expressed towards a presented stimulus


A map, timeline and distribution indicating whether participants where looking on at the screen


A map, timeline and distribution indicating presence or absence of facial expressions

Circumplex model

Display your participants Valence and Arousal on the circumplex model of affect

Dominant expression

The expression with the highest average value during this task

Valence distribution

A value showing whether the participants were on average more positive, negative or neutral towards the task


Visualize your recording quality distribution or task response frequency or use vanilla charts (timeline, donut, bar) and tables

Effortless flow
from setup to insights

Efficiently navigate from project setup to inviting participants to insightful analysis. FaceReader Online is designed for optimal ease of use and high-quality outcomes, saving time and enhancing data interpretation.
Step 1

Define your project

Setup your project variables, upload your media files or prepare your website and define tasks for your participants.
Step 2

Invite participants

Use survey software of your choice to invite participants and add some survey questions, or link to FaceReader Online directly. The emotional response of the participants to the tasks will be recorded.
Step 3

View results

Only minutes after the last participant has taken part in the survey, the project results will become available. For a detailed analysis the results can be downloaded as a FaceReader project file.
FaceReader Online project setup
FaceReader Online invite participants
FaceReader Online Dashboard

Take a look around

Starting a free trial of FaceReader Online is designed to be effortless, allowing you to quickly dive into its features. If you’re not ready to engage directly and simply wish to familiarize yourself with its appearance and capabilities, a selection of carefully chosen screenshots is available for you.

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